Stowe Soaring
Experience Stowe from the air

Rate Schedule

Taste of the Sky:

Get a taste of soaring with our introductory ride. See what it's like, as you soar silently over the fields. Your FAA certified pilot will touch your aircraft down on the runway, after approximately 10 minutes. The flight, having gone by in a flash, will definitely leave you wanting more.

  • $99.00 + tax plus $45 for second person

Mt. Elmore East Ridge ride:

See how the green mountains got their name. This ride will take you over Mt. Elmore and the Worcester Mt. Range, for approximately 20 min. Soar silently like the eagles do as you use the rising currents from the mountains to take you on a tour of the beautiful Lamoille valley that you will not soon forget.

  • $129.00 + tax plus $65 for second person

Stowe Scenic Tour:

Check out the incredible Stowe area from the air. Your pilot will also act as a tour guide as he points out Stowe village, the Trapp Family Lodge, and the unbelievable, panoramic view of Mt. Mansfield. There is no better way to get this mind blowing view than from one of Stowe Soaring's gliders. This ride lasts approximately 25-30 minutes.

  • $169.00 + tax plus $85 for second person

Mile High Mt. Mansfield Special:

This is the ride of a lifetime! You will soar high over Mt. Mansfield. You will fly to over a mile high and enjoy views as far as the Adirondacks of NY, Mt Washington in NH, and down the Green Mts. as far as Killington. You will realize the true sense of what soaring is all about as your expert pilot navigates your bird through the changing currents of the sky, bringing you safely back to the airport after a life changing 35-40 minutes.

  • $209.00 + tax plus $95 for second person

Longer rides (approximately 1 hour) are available on request and are extremely weather and availability dependent.

Stemme s10Mt. Mansfield Motorglider Spectacular

Ride in the amazing Stemme S10-VT motorglider. 75' wingspan provides fantastic performance and a wonderful soaring experience. Fly up over Mt. Mansfield with exceptional views of the Green Mountains, Adirondacks, Mt. Washington in NH and north to Canada. Truly the Cadillac of gliding experiences! 45-50 minutes. $289 + tax. Definitely the experience of a lifetime!

Glider Rental and Instruction

  • Krosno KRO-3A : $55/hr.
  • Grob 103: $50/hr.
  • Glider Instruction: $45/hr.
  • Towing Fees: $56 to 2000' plus $10.00 per 1000 ft.

Learn-To-Soar Intro Lesson: $199.00


  • Glider Instruction Manual
  • Logbook,
  • 2 hr. Instruction
  • 1 hr. Krosno rental
  • 1-2 tows